Woman Says Sweetest Goodbye To The Stray Dog She Saved 17 Years Ago

When Jesusita saw stray dog at her door; she knew that they will grow old together. She didn’t care that she hadn’t enough money to live or can’t speak English. They found a common language of friendship together.

She named this stray dog “Solovino”. It means he came alone in Spanish language. Once she opened door for Solovino, he never leave her side.

He is an older dog and had arthritis problems. So it is difficult to steep stairs in Echo Park. One day he couldn’t do that anymore, that was the first and last time that he left her side.

The Stray Dog

She called Home Dog LA for help. The biggest reason that people surrender their pets to a shelter is they no longer taking care of them because of illness or old age. Second reason is financial problems. Many people love their animal and want to see them in pain; but they do not have money to pay for euthanasia. So they bring their animals to shelter, because they have no other option. SHARE this sad story and help Home Dog LA to make their missions come true.