World’s Coolest Dog: English Bulldog…

Bulldog is a dog bred in England centuries ago for bull and bear fights. Here is some information you don’t know about English Bulldogs.

English Bulldog 6

Bulldog is a strong and solid dog with its big and large head. Wide heads with wide-set eyes and wide cheeks are their characteristics. The skin on the forehand and the head hangs below as wrinkles. Its nose is short, pushed-in and wide. Drooping upper lips and sticking out lower jawbones are common. Eyes are wide-set and dark-colored. Ears are small and rose-like retroverted. Tails are naturally short, straight or screwed.


English Bulldog 1

Although the English Bulldog has sometimes a threatening appearance, they’re totally trustable and one of the kindest dogs. Yet unwanted guests may not like to face this breed, which once fought with bulls. They are described as full of love, kind to kids, trustable to other animals, on the other hand courageous, harsh and resolute against enemies. They appreciate every attention and piece of love. Human care is essential for the happiness of the breed. Some of them may be aggressive against other dogs. They get along well with pets but may not tolerate the dogs they don’t know. Young bulldogs love fun, they’re energetic but get slower as they get older. They are famous for snoring and it may be with saliva.

Living Environment

English Bulldog 2

The English Bulldog is ideal for apartment life. They are not so mobile and can be happy even in a house without a garden. This breed cannot live outside and prefer warmer climates over colder climates. If it is very hot, they have problem with cooling.

Need for Exercise

English Bulldog 3

Some adult Bulldogs are energetic while some are lazy. But regular exercise is good for all.


English Bulldog 4

Maintenance of their short hairs is easy. Weekly brushing will be sufficient. Face and wrinkled skin gaps need to be wiped with a wet cloth.


English Bulldog 5

Today’s Bulldogs have a very different character from their ancestors. Its origin roots in Asiatic mastiffs but its evolution was in England. Bulldog name from The Middle Ages refers not only to the strong appearance of a small bull but also bull-dog fights which continued until 19th century.