You Won’t Believe How These Firefighters Rescued A Cat, Found Hanging By Her Neck From A Grate!

You will see a photo of poor kitty right below. She was hardly breathing when firefighters came to rescue.

In Winchendon, Massachusetts firefighters found a kitty hanging by her neck from a sewage cover. She is too small and just 1 years old. In first, they believed she must find a way into the storm drain. She trapped into impossible exit when she was trying.

According to post of fire department, two members pulled off the grate and help cat to breathe properly. Because when they came she was hardy breathing. Then cat’s owner came into scene and officers wanted some dish soap from him. With the help of dish soap they rescued little car from grate.

They applied soap around his neck and saved his head. The moment that cat owner and cat reunited seems very lovely.

You can watch her rescue from video.

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