You Won’t Believe The Special Bond Between This Monkey And Her Kitten!

You will see surprising pictures here! It is hard to believe special bond between monkey and her little kitten. It seems weird but true!

Anne Young was taken picture of truly remarkable moment between a little monkey and kitten while she was visiting Monkey Forest Park in Bali. It looks like monkey adopted kitten as her own child.


They look adorable together!

As you can see from pictures; monkey hold kitten tightly as her own baby. She loves and cares kitten so much.


There are also other monkeys in that area. She protects her kitten from other monkeys too. In first, everyone worried about this situation; but they understand they love each other very much. So they accept the situation.

These friends are like a team; they can’t separate from each other. You can see the love like family bond between these two animals from pictures. Mother Nature is surprising and very amazing all the time!


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