You’re Gonna LOVE What This Baby Elephant Does When She Hears Her Favorite Person Calling Her!

They say elephants never forget anything, you will understand how true that is! The young animal that you see in that video is Kham La. She lives in Elephant Nature Park In Thailand. She has a really good relationship with one people who work here. His name is Darrick.

Elephant Nature Park founder Lek Chailert shared video of Darrick and Kham La on Youtube. In that video you will see; Darrick starts walking toward the group of elephants and call Kham La.

When elephant hears her favorite person calling her; she became extremely happy.

In that video you will also see, Darrick and Kham La running together. Elephant trunk is wrapped Darrick’s hand that looks like they are holding hand.

This is a wonderful friendship between an animal and man. It is good to know, these elephants are in good place. Because many elephants in Thailand live under difficult conditions.

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