13 Engaging Learning Activities for Toddlers

Up until they start to walk, all the activity you and your child can share was staring at each other in awe, and of course, you nursing him. When they start to progress with walks, talks all the basics, it is the start of a phase that will last quite a while. This phase is quite important in their life, it is the starting point of many emotions that will lead their decisions later on in their life. Another thing that is important at that age is playing toys. While toys play a great role in the development of a toddler, it is also a great source of fun for them. The fantasy of shiny colors and more appealing shapes or things, building things, puzzles, painting games, dress-up costumes and many more.

In today’s age toddlers have different toys then what they had before. Whether it is more beneficial or not both serve the same purpose, development of the toddler. Today’s toys contain more digital features or interactive elements were in old ones there was none. This has both ups and downs. One thing we can agree on, if we are evolving with a culture more in dept of digitalization, then our kids will start to engage with electronics early with each generation.

Every toy or game has a little teaching in the background of them, this is to provide the toddlers quality time, meaning learning while playing. This can even be better if you are around to contribute to the game. Both of you can have some fun together and this will make the bond between you and your toddler even stronger. In this article, we want to suggest you some toys and games you can play with your toddler to have quality time with your toddler.

1. Walking to Park

It is a great development process that they will interact with people around them. They can find toddlers at their age to befriend them and play with them at the park. It is overall a good habit to develop. It doesn’t have to be complicated sometimes simple acts like this will be enough. If there isn’t any park close around you, you may wait for a weekend where you are free too to take your toddler to the closest one, or a walk-in nature.