15 Great Places to Visit in Turkey: Where to Go?

Turkey is one of the most visited places because of its natural historical and touristic beauties it. Eastern and Western culture creates a synthesis in Turkey, including different entertainment habits, unique culinary cultures of street features.

We can say that this region, which was established on the most fertile lands of Anatolia, is home to many ancient cities. Intense studies in the field of archeology led to the presence of many ancient sites that should be visited in almost every region of the country. These studies are ongoing. For example, recent Potbelly Hill studies have had a great impact on world public opinion.

In addition to all these historical and cultural attractions in Turkey, there is also intense natural beauty. These natural beauties will allow you to accumulate great memories, especially during the summer holidays. For example, in Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean summer tourism it is quite developed in terms of both leisure and enjoy natural beauty. This, as well as Turkey’s relatively high mountain ski tourism, is also performed. If you are also willing to visit Turkey, you can have a look at the most beautiful places in it!

If you are planning to visit Turkey or having a holiday in Turkey, these 15 different places can be good options! Let’s read the article for more information!

1. Cappadocia

Cappadocia is such a valuable natural history museum located in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. Individuals who are curious about how nature has been shaped for centuries, how mountains, criteria and different stone structures have formed can visit Cappadocia. You will be really surprised when you see the different fairy chimney shapes, castles, and valleys here. In addition, Cappadocia is home to many underground cities.