14 Small Towns In America That Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

From the Science fiction movies and books, we are used to the concept of time traveling to the bygone eras, what if you don’t need futuristic technology to do so. The USA has been full of towns who have stayed true to their customs and lifestyles. Whenever you feel the need to escape the modern, cosmopolite, fast-paced cities you can consider the towns in the USA all around the country.

4. Elko, Nevada Old Days of Gold Searching Spot

As we mention in its title, it was quite famous for its gold-digging in this area, exactly in the Ruby Mountains. This retro-looking town will take you down to memory lane and will react old times with many memories attached to it. Nowadays it acts as a pitstop off the I-80 highway, but it is one of the best pitstops to experience. This town hosts a popular National Cowboy Poetry Gathering annually in January.