14 Small Towns In America That Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

From the Science fiction movies and books, we are used to the concept of time traveling to the bygone eras, what if you don’t need futuristic technology to do so. The USA has been full of towns who have stayed true to their customs and lifestyles. Whenever you feel the need to escape the modern, cosmopolite, fast-paced cities you can consider the towns in the USA all around the country.

14. Once The Richest El Dorado, Arkansas

This was a town that was considered lucky to be lived in, back in the 1800s. Due to its being one of the wealthiest places to live in the state and competing on most of the other states. There has been recently launched a revitalization project to this town with a $100 million budget, to make the town renovate and make more appealing it to the visitors.