10 Best Countries for Women to Live in Today

The media organizations researched with more than 9000 women to determine best countries for women among 80 countries around the globe. The reason this research was led, due to not every country has valued the human rights in an equal standard to women and man. The criteria had a wide range of observations, from economic influence to citizenship and life quality and many more.

9. Austria

One thing is for sure and well known about Austria, that they have high-income. It provides a very decent lifestyle to be self-efficient compared to other countries. This also lets you utilize your income, spending to yourself, to travel getting new things, having a place, etc. you name it. This is a source of happiness undeniably. Another strong point they have is democracy among the country, while many countries have democracy their systems are corrupt and it is failing in showing the democracy in Austria you may feel this close to none.