10 Best Countries for Women to Live in Today

The media organizations researched with more than 9000 women to determine best countries for women among 80 countries around the globe. The reason this research was led, due to not every country has valued the human rights in an equal standard to women and man. The criteria had a wide range of observations, from economic influence to citizenship and life quality and many more.

1. Sweden

By far the most women rights supporter country right now and with its regulations and laws, they are showing this. Their parental leave system works for both genders and parents get to have 480 days of paid leave which they can split however they want to use. One interesting fact half of the countries political ministers are women in this country. From daycare to prenatal care they offer free or subsidized amounts of payment to these services. With all of this and many more factors, it is by far the livable environment for women.